Financial Planning

11 Sep: Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

What’s the biggest perk? It’s not a gold watch or even retiree medical insurance. It is the company stock that they have been buying. Why? The IRS gives special tax incentives for owning employer stock inside your retirement plans referred to as Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)…

20 Aug: Financial Planning Through the Ages – Top Tips for Forty Somethings

Many forty somethings have responsibilities for both growing children and aging parents so it’s no wonder that the majority of 40 year olds haven’t saved much for retirement and lack some important financial basics such as an emergency fund or insurance. It’s tough, but this is the decade though that you must start making your financial life, and particularly saving for retirement, a priority. The great news is…

14 May: Financial Planning Through the Ages: Top Tips for 20 Somethings

During our working years, we cover our expenses with the money we earn. Our rent or mortgage, cell phone bills, insurance, gasoline etc., are covered by our paychecks. Fast forward a few years to the time that you are ready to retire and enjoy life and ask yourself: How are you going to cover your expenses if you no longer have that paycheck? With the population’s life expectancy growing, how will you maintain your lifestyle for 20 or 30 years?

09 Dec: Keep, Shred or Toss? Making a Clean Sweep of Your Home Office

Credit card bills, bank statements, warranties, mortgage documents, it all piles up. If you are like most people, you generally don’t get around to cleaning out your home office because there’s no deadline that forces you to get it done and you have some questions about what to keep, toss and shred. Why not get this nagging chore off your list by carving out 15 minutes a day for a week? We think you’ll feel really good about your tidy home office!