Institutional Consulting Services

Objective and transparent investment solutions tailored to the specific portfolio goals and long-term mission of each institutional client.

A Dedication to Service

Beacon Pointe consultants are proactive partners who seek to be an extension of a client’s internal staff. They are dedicated to understanding all aspects of the institution’s investment objectives, conveying knowledgeable guidance, and providing exceptional service to a wide array of clientele.  As a fiduciary, Beacon Pointe utilizes a client-focused approach to investment advice intentionally separating the key duties of consultant, custodian, and asset manager, thereby minimizing conflicts of interest and always making decisions in the best interest of clients.

Examine: Understand strategic mission Outline fund objectives Define risk toleranceEstablish: Define fiduciary guidelines Create optimal investment structure Launch investment programExecute: Implement investment processes and procedures Monitor risk management Ongoing proactive advice
Clients Served

Arts and Cultural Organizations


Healthcare Organizations

Faith-Based Organizations

Corporations and Associations

Service Offerings

Beacon Pointe’s Institutional Consulting Services Group emphasizes the importance of process in order to understand each unique client, design a customized strategy, and oversee the investment portfolio. Beacon Pointe partners with clients either in an advisory (non-discretionary) capacity, an outsourced CIO (discretionary) capacity or through a hybrid approach.

High-Level Objectives

Investment Policy Development and Review
Asset Allocation Modeling
Monte Carlo Analysis
Custodial Search and Selection

Research and Performance

Manager Research and Selection
Performance and Manager Monitoring
Portfolio Attribution Analysis
Fee Negotiation and Expense Review

Support Services

Transition Analysis and Oversight
Quarterly Meetings with Consultant
Fiduciary Guidance
Extension of Staff and Back Office Operations

Value Services

Board Engagement and Strategic Planning
Assistance with Donor Development
Board, Committee, and Staff Education
Philanthropic Partnerships

Clients are served by a team of dedicated investment professionals who employ their industry experience, community involvement and expertise to enhance the overall service experience.
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