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Beacon Pointe is a collaborative partnership of successful wealth advisor entrepreneurs, focused on our clients, creating synergies, value and growth.
Elevating RIA businesses from Success to Significance
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Beacon Pointe is a collaborative partnership of successful wealth advisor entrepreneurs, focused on our clients, creating synergies, value and growth. Partner offices and advisors that join Beacon Pointe leverage an industry leading strategic platform of resources and technology as well as the marketing resources of one of the largest and most successful RIAs in the country. Beacon Pointe is about maximizing our partners’ entrepreneurial experience.


Beacon Pointe is a successful operating RIA, not a financial/model consolidator.


Beacon Pointe Advisors exists first and foremost for our advisor partners and their clients.


Beacon Pointe Advisors has been built to be a great long-term operating company and is not forced to have an “event” (IPO, Sale).

Industry Awards & Recognition

You Could Be a Perfect Fit

Looking to grow your office
and leverage robust resources.

Thinking about putting a
succession plan in place.

Creating certainty for the future
of your team and clients.

It’s All About Helping You
Certainty to Your Future

Most owners maintain a significant amount of their net worth in their business. When an owner is ready to retire, Beacon Pointe must buy the owner’s remaining stock at fair market value with no discounts applied.  Beacon Pointe Advisors facilitates the transition of equity and creates certainty for clients and employees, providing all of the benefits of scale without the cost or risk to the partner.

Enhanced Growth

When partner offices and advisors join Beacon Pointe, they are able to leverage the back office and resources of one of the largest and most successful RIAs in the country. Creating scale allows for exponential growth and added efficiencies across all partner offices and teams. In addition, Beacon Pointe’s access to leading custodian retail referral programs provides opportunity for enhanced lead flow.

Resources for You and Your Team

Back Office Support

More Client Focused

Enhanced Lead Flow

Marketing & Social Media Management

Financial Planning Team & Tools

Women’s Advisory Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but you will be an equity owner/partner and employee of Beacon Pointe Advisors. You will be our equity partner and run your local operating company within your exclusive territory. You will also be part of the Board of Managing Directors that meets regularly to help guide the company, share best practices, etc.

Ownership is determined by the amount of net income that your local operating company generates. Each time a new partner joins, and at least once a year, equity ownership percentage is recalculated to be sure it accurately reflects the amount of net income each local partner office is generating.

Ultimately, this is the best decision. We want to do everything we can to drive valuation so when you are ready to retire, we are buying your shares at the greatest valuation. Common branding is a valuation driver. In addition, we believe being part of a significantly larger enterprise brand is valuable in the marketplace when prospecting for clients and also allows us to centralize marketing efforts, social media management, etc. That being said, we can discuss special circumstances that may allow for co-branding for a period of time.

Yes. You will be part of the Board of Managing Directors which meets at least twice annually and helps direct and steer the company. Your input is always welcome, as the success of Beacon Pointe is the collection of all of us.

You will not be required to sell all of your clients’ investments when you join Beacon Pointe Advisors. We encourage advisors to bring their client portfolios to Beacon Pointe “in kind.” The Beacon Pointe investment management platform of separately managed accounts, mutual funds, alternatives and ETFs is very robust and has proven to serve clients very well, especially through rough markets. We ask that over a 24 to 36 month period after joining Beacon Pointe, you transition your client portfolios to our investment managers. Again, this needs to be done with clients’ best interests in mind.

Beacon Pointe advisors can affiliate with a third-party broker-dealer who will hold your license and pay your trails at a very competitive rate.

Yes. Beacon Pointe has a proprietary allWEALTH® process to service clients and a robust strategic and financial planning department led by the “client whisperer” Commie Stevens. The department boasts two experienced attorneys (with estate planning backgrounds) and several CFP®s and CDFA®s. We are believers in planning as the primary framework to deliver advice to clients. We can support the use of all major software platforms, eMoney, Money Guide Pro, NaviPlan, etc. Beacon Pointe Insurance Services is also available to provide life insurance, long-term care and disability insurance to best serve your clients at your discretion.

Beacon Pointe is looking for long-term partners. We are very deliberate and careful about partnering with people we believe are a good fit and share our values and vision. It’s important that we like, trust and respect each other. That being said, we can clearly mark your business/clients that you bring to Beacon Pointe Advisors. There are protections within the Beacon Pointe documents for partners that allow you to leave for “good reason.” We want great partners and it is in everyone’s best interest that Beacon Pointe maintain an environment and culture that entices people to want to stay.

Yes. You will have an exclusive territory. We will determine the territory based on discussions between you and Beacon Pointe Advisors and with consideration of the size of your current business. Beacon Pointe has a goal of 35 to 40 partner offices across the country. Therefore, there are plenty of markets and territories.

Beacon Pointe has Allison Warner, who is completely dedicated to marketing, branding and social media management. She is a millennial and Communication Management Masters (MCM) who graduated with honors from both the Communication and Business Schools at the University of Southern California. She understands this medium and is a valuable resource. Our Beacon Pointe partners will not have to worry about websites, social media content or brand management, or compliance related to social media.

Beacon Pointe will assume the responsibility for compliance. We have a dedicated director of compliance who will oversee all issues related to compliance and directly interface with our third-party compliance firm. While each Beacon Pointe partner will be designated as the local compliance officer, the primary responsibility for compliance matters is at Beacon Pointe Advisors.

Yes. One of the primary focuses of Beacon Pointe is to help our partners recruit additional advisors to their office. By virtue of our firm’s scale and track record of success, we have great relationships with asset custodians, third party recruiting firms and other sources. We will employ all of these resources in a comprehensive strategy to grow your office personnel.

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If you are a business owner or advisor looking for growth opportunities, we look forward to connecting with you.

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