Insurance Company Consulting Services

Objective and transparent investment solutions tailored to the specific portfolio goals and long-term mission of each insurance client. 

Clients Served

Beacon Pointe consultants are proactive partners who seek to be an extension of a client’s internal staff. Each is dedicated to understanding all aspects of an insurance company’s investment objectives and works closely with their clients as well as other service providers critical to the process. Our broad array of institutional clients allows us to experience a significant number of investment objectives which provides us with the capability to fully comprehend an insurance company’s specific business, industry, and regulatory requirements.

Property and Casualty Companies

Property and Casualty Companies

U.S. Mutual and Commercial Insurers

U.S. Mutual and Commercial Insurers

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Risk Retention Groups

Risk Retention Groups

Alternative Risk Entities

Alternative Risk Entities

The Beacon Pointe Process

As a fiduciary, Beacon Pointe utilizes a client-focused approach to provide investment advice intentionally separating the key duties of consultant, custodian, and asset manager to minimize conflicts of interest and, thereby, make decisions in the best interests of its clients.  We also believe advising insurance companies requires a thorough understanding of the insurance underwriting activities and the relationship between the liability structure and the investment strategy.


Enterprise objectives


Asset allocation optimization while measuring risk exposure


Investment strategy

Investment program goals

Optimal investment structure

Oversight with comprehensive measurement systems

Investment Policy Statement

Investment Policy Strategy

Peer group comparisons to multiple measurement points

Service Offerings

The Beacon Pointe Institutional Consulting Services Group emphasizes the importance of process to understand each unique client, to design a customized strategy, and to oversee the investment portfolio. Beacon Pointe proactively partners with clients either in an advisory (non-discretionary) capacity, outsourced CIO (discretionary) capacity, or through a hybrid approach.

Understand client underwriting issues

Investment Policy and Review

Provide analytic quantitative asset allocation modeling

Performance review meetings with consultant

Attribution analysis of investment managers

Manager research screens for insurance knowledgeable managers

Board, committee, and staff education

Integration of investment plan with liability structure

Asset allocation design by internal actuary

Staff and client operational support

Fee negotiation and expense review

Clients are served by a team of dedicated investment professionals with an insurance industry expertise backed by analytics capable of addressing the challenges of the industry.
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We are here to be of service, guiding your organization to best achieve its desired investment goals and objectives.  If you are looking for a trusted partner, please contact us.

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