Private Wealth Management

Comprehensive financial planning and investment strategies designed to assist clients with making well-informed, important life decisions related to their wealth.

Beacon Pointe takes a holistic approach to wealth management and uses an OPEN methodology to helping clients meet their needs.


As a fiduciary, Beacon Pointe strives to provide clients with clear, objective investment guidance, putting client needs above all else.


Portfolios are invested within the guidelines set by Beacon Pointe’s Investment Committee and chosen in a manner believed to best meet clients’ life and legacy goals while taking the least amount of risk possible.


Beacon Pointe professionals are knowledgeable and experienced, comprised of a mix of degrees and certifications including Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP®), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), as well as tax, divorce and estate planning specialists.

Needs Based

No two clients are the same. The Beacon Pointe client experience is custom-tailored to the unique needs, goals, circumstances and preferences of each client.

Advisory Services

As a full-service advisory firm, Beacon Pointe is committed to upholding our fiduciary duty to clients.

  • Financial situation assessment
  • Financial planning offerings to help clients achieve life and legacy goals
  • Determining the appropriate asset allocation and designing customized investment portfolios
  • Monitoring of investments on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as necessary
  • Providing easy-to-understand reports to track progress
Every client is supported by a dedicated advisory team that employs its industry expertise along with premier technological tools to enhance the overall service experience.
Comprehensive Financial Planning

Beacon Pointe works closely with clients to help them develop a clear understanding of their finances and reasonable expectations for their financial futures. This work helps set a path to achieving their goals, simplifying their financial lives and allowing them to make smart choices through informed decisions.  The goal for our clients: peace of mind.

Areas of Planning Focus

  • Wealth and Retirement
  • Estate and Tax Strategy
  • Insurance Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Charitable Giving
  • Education Planning
  • Life Transitions
  • Generational Wealth Transfers and Legacies
Investments: Philosophy and Portfolios

Beacon Pointe uses a custom approach to building investment portfolios bases on client timeframes, risk tolerance and account size. Diversified portfolios include:

  • Separately managed accounts, mutual funds and ETFs designed to generate above average risk-adjusted returns over full market cycles
  • Capital appreciation and preservation strategies
  • Tilt toward valuation driven managers with downside protection focus
  • Active, passive, alternative and socially responsible investing options

Beacon Pointe’s Investment Committee utilizes a proprietary due diligence process to evaluate potential investments. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, they are able to uncover best-in-class managers for each asset class to maximize opportunities in diverse market environments.

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The firm’s foundational roots serving large institutional clients allow Beacon Pointe to construct portfolios that incorporate sophisticated investment managers and strategies not normally available to private clients.
Clients We Serve
Multi-Generational Families

Being financially secure is more than knowing your risk tolerance, having an investment portfolio in place, or saving for retirement. It’s about aligning your wealth to fuel your life and legacy goals. Let us help you and your loved ones put your best plan forward.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Running a business can be exhilarating but all-consuming. Let us help you protect your family and your business by building a plan that considers your full financial picture.

Individuals with Life Transitions

Life changes. We understand the complexities of life including the death of a spouse, the birth of a grandchild, going through a divorce, or the sale of a business. We partner with you to create a plan that covers all “what ifs” life throws your way.

Industry Awards & Recognitions

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