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Congrats 2020 (18)

Non-Profit Grant Seeking

Grant seeking is an essential component of non-profit fundraising, often comprising the greatest contribution to a charitable organization’s bottom line. Grant writing itself is a challenging proposition, due in large part to the myriad complexities of the typical grant making process. While the changing economy has spawned tighter budgets in countless areas over the past several years, so have the challenges faced by grant writers similarly mounted…

Congrats 2020 (29)

Quarterly Performance: March Madness!

It’s March, and that means March Madness. It’s the time of year when thousands of people vie to fill out a perfect winning bracket that correctly predicts the victors of each Division I college basketball tournament game. Each team is “seeded,” or ranked, within its region. Lower-ranked teams are placed in a bracket against higher-ranked teams. A lot of thought can go into predicting which team will emerge victorious from each game. Hint: The higher-ranked team does not always win…

Congrats 2020 (15)

Spending Policies for Endowments and Public Foundations

A good Spending Policy must strike the proper balance between providing consistent income for the organization’s charitable mission and insuring longevity of the investment portfolio for future income payments. It takes not only mission and budget analysis, but also a well constructed calculation method best suited for the institution’s specific needs….