WAI of Arizona Discuss “Tightening Your Purse Strings”

After a summer pause, Beacon Pointe’s Arizona branch of WAI (Women’s Advisory Institute) gathered in September for another luncheon as part of their “Get Comfortable with Your Finances” event series – this time the topic centered on “Tightening Your Purse Strings” covering tax savings strategies to help clients keep more money in their purse, metaphorically speaking. The luncheon began with a tax history video highlighting the tax brackets which topped at 94% in the 1940’s. The discussion then covered how the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 may affect individuals. The Beacon Pointe WAI presenters discussed the importance of incorporating tax planning strategies into an encompassing financial plan through the various income phases of life. The lunch theme of shopping secrets, purses and candy coins were a fun touch!

The women attending and presenting enjoyed the delicious lunch, informational details about how tax planning benefits them and the dialog among the attendees. One of the attendees won a Beacon Pointe mug, filled with a selection of teas, cookies and a copy of our #1 international best selling novel, “Your Dollars our Sense: A Fun & Simple Guide to Money Matters,” as a prize for questions asked during the event.

Presenters were Beacon Pointe employees Robyn Gerke, CFP®, Brooke Jess, CFP® and Rebecca Green, with the event being coordinated by Stacy Shimp. All in all, another fantastic and well-received WAI event promoting financial awareness!

About WAI:

Founded in 2011, the Beacon Pointe Women’s Advisory Institute (WAI) was formed with the commitment to providing female clients and their families with peace of mind and the ability to meet their long-term life and legacy goals. We also specialize in helping clients through monumental life transitions. Whether a client needs comprehensive financial planning or investment strategy execution, or both, the Beacon Pointe advisory team has the resources and expertise to design an approach tailored to you.