White Papers – Market Commentary

Beacon Pointe’s Investment Research Department is dedicated to keeping our clients informed on timely macro and micro economic updates. Here you’ll find informative white papers on a wide variety of timely topical content.

Market Commentary Library


May: Hope and Optimism – Restarting the U.S. Economy

April: COVID-19 Stimulus & Relief Packages: Key Financial Considerations

March: Getting Ahead of the Curve

March: Better Together: Bipartisanship Needed in D.C.

February: Contagion: The Coronavirus and Markets



May: “Deal or No Deal? No Deal!”



December: The Apprentice – Dissonance Out of DC

August: Global Market Thoughts: A Focus on Turkey

February: The Return of Volatility

January: The Yin and Yang of Investing



October: Perseverance

April: True North



November: Post-Election Update

November: Stirred, Not Shaken

October: A Rare and Dying Breed

June: “Brexit” Britain Exits European Union

June: There Will Be Sway

January: Market Volatility



December: New Year’s Resolutions

August: At a Safe Distance

May: Pause and Reflect

January: Annual Check-Up



August: Growing Pains



November: Subject to Change

September: Prescription Refill

August: Middle Ground

June: Summertime Blues

April: The Road Less Traveled

January: An Overweight to Patience



November: State of The Post-Election Union

October: Curb Your Enthusiasm

September: Keep Calm and Carry On

July: A Broken Record

May: Slippery When Wet

January: Handle With Care



December: The Third Dimension

November: Oktoberfest

September: And The Beat Goes On…

August: “Panic Is An Inappropriate Response”

August: No Rest For The Weary

August: A Manager’s Perspective On The Market

August: Correction or Crisis

August: All Frantic on The Western Front

July: Waiting to Exhale

July: Lesson Earned

May: Much Ado About Something

April: Floor to Ceiling

March: The Triangle Defense

February: The Royal Road to Riches



December: Never a Dull Moment

December: A Rare and Dying Breed

November: Ride The Monorail and Stay Off The Rollercoaster

October: Brick By Boring Brick

September: Long Summers, Short Winters

August: The Rhetorical Fall

June: World Cup Fever

April: The Right Page of The Right Book

February: A Speeding Ticket


Market Commentary Library


November: The Amazing Race

July: The Open Parachute

July: The Deflation/Inflation Debate

April: Clearing Skies, Choppy Waters



November: The Half Empty/Half Full Glass

October: Bailing Out?

September: Peaks and Valleys



July: Oaktree Capital- It Is All Good

July: Global Real Estate Securities- No Need To Panic

June: Commodities- Is It The Right Time?

April: Subprime and Beyond

April: The Journey to Long-Term Outperformance May Be Bumpy

January: Are The Markets Overheated



November: Commodities- Is It The Right Time?

November: Active Equity Management

August: The Case for Global Real Estate Investment Trusts

June: Market Analysis- Importance of Longer Time Horizons

June: The Case for Emerging Markets Equities

June: Markets Analysis- Importance of Longer Time Horizons

May: The Case for Intermediate Bonds

April: Why Quality Matters



August: Fixed Income- Implications of Interest Rates Hikes

July: Truth About Mutual Fund Fees: Do You Know What You Are Paying?

July: Assets Under Management- Is Bigger Better?

May: The Case For Emerging Markets

April: Pimco – How to Prosper in a Low Return Environment 

April: Fixed Income- What Next?

February: Why Spend Time on Investment Manager Selection?

January: Mutual Funds- Shelf Space



December: Tips- Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

November: An Introduction to Commission Recapture

November: Performance Analytics

September: Mutual Fund Market Timing

July: Why Do Funds Close?- Dodge & Cox Equity

July: Introduction to Private Equity

June: Hedge Funds 101

June: Dividend Tax Cut

May: Stable Value Funds- Much Ado About Nothing?

May: The Case For International Investments



December: An Introduction to Equity Trading Costs

November: Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee of Future Results

October: Spending In a Lower Return Environment

October: Benefits of Rebalancing

October: Investment Manager Team & Structure: Optimization

October: Style Risk- U.S. Equity Investment Structure

September: Returns- vs. Holdings- Based Style Analysis

September: Active Versus Passive Management

February: Thoughts on Market