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Beacon Pointe recently sponsored the 11th Annual Power of Women Luncheon: Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is! Smashing the Glass Ceiling of Finance hosted by Starcare Associates. This luncheon was created to honor philanthropists in the local community and give them a chance to share their incredible giving experiences.

The event theme was based on one simple notion, “The world is a better place when women run more of it,” which was brought to life by our host, C. Richard Hearn.

The 2018 philanthropist of the year, Cherall Weiss, spoke briefly about her work at Newport/Mesa Pro Literacy and the positive impact they were having on the community and future generations by helping others improve their lives by learning to read, write and communicate in English better.

Cherall was followed by the Keynote speaker, Jennifer Kenning. Jennifer, the CEO & Co-Founder of ALIGN outlined her trying, and ultimately rewarding, path to get to where she is today. Her early career success story was marred by self-doubt and depression which eventually led her to changing her path entirely. This is where her desire to give back and help others embrace their own advocacy began. Jennifer believes that if we all choose one passion and focused on committing ourselves to it we will create a catalytic philanthropic change.

Jennifer combines her desire for change across the globe and passion for financial management in her firm. Her background is as an independent specialized impact advisor to high net worth families, individuals, and foundations. Align’s portfolios aim to deliver the same risk/return profiles with globally diversified approaches, investing in companies that are more congruent with a client’s values while avoiding companies that are potentially harmful to the environment and society.

Beacon Pointe is proud to support the Starcare Foundation and shine the spotlight on all of the positive female philanthropists in Orange County.



Pictured L to R: Allison Hillgren, Lauren Meixel, Mark Moehlman, Hillary Huang, Dayan Bernal, Catherine Prentice