Financial Planning

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The $100 Example: Protecting Down Markets

We are not saying that participating in up markets is not important – it absolutely is. What we are saying is that in order to compound money at a steady rate over time, an investor does not need to capture all of the upside of the market in good periods if…

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Five Things to Expect in 2013

What a wild ending to 2012! The uncertainty surrounding the Fiscal Cliff negotiations and then sudden optimism that there would be a last minute compromise to avoid it, tied a nice big bow of volatility to the gift Mr. Market gave us in 2012- an approximate 13% return. The ending to 2012 offers several clues to what we expect to see in 2013. Here are a few of them…

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Year-End Planning Amidst Tax Uncertainty

This year’s tax planning is more difficult but potentially more important given the scheduled expiration (“sunset”) of the Bush-era tax cuts. While President Obama has made clear his preference to allow the tax cuts to expire for the wealthy, no one yet knows what compromise might be made as part of a fiscal cliff negotiation.