Beacon Pointe Headquarters Installs New Art Collection
Featuring Work of Environmental Protection Advocate Kellie Flint

Beacon Pointe is proud to share the art collection recently installed in the Newport Beach, CA corporate office, which was inspired by climate change and environmental protection. Focusing on research-based fieldwork in out-of-ordinary places, artist Kellie Flint looks for the unexpected to craft her imaginative pieces. Her work investigates land use and landscape in the American West in an effort to bring the landscape from background to foreground. We are thrilled to share Kellie Flint’s extraordinary work with our clients, team, and partners.

Kellie Flint, sister of Beacon Pointe CEO, Shannon Eusey, is the mastermind behind these abstract art pieces under the pseudonym k.Flint. Kellie earned a Masters of Fine Art in Visual Art from the University of California at Riverside, a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and a Bachelors of Art in Philosophy from Santa Clara University. She has exhibited at the Culver Center, Angels Gate Cultural Center, UCLA, the Museum of Texas Tech, and outdoors in many places. The thematic inspiration for the art collection displayed throughout the Newport Beach Beacon Pointe office is inspired by environmental protection and aims to bring awareness to climate change.

“I care about the damages that occur to the nonhuman world that are a direct result of negligent human behavior and decision making. It is my hope for my work to inspire reverence for the nonhuman in an effort to protect it.” 


Not only does Kellie devote her work to implementing positive change within the environment, but the successful artist also acts on it. Last year, Kellie completed a month-long residency in Zion National Park while studying the National Park Service’s Resist Accept Direct Report. Through a simple set of distinct management options, decision-makers can employ the framework and apply it to the real world as the climate continues to change, negatively affecting eco-systems throughout the world. Flint looks forward to exhibiting the work she completed during her month-long residency and hopes to be invited to others so she can continue showcasing her inspiring work.

Beacon Pointe is proud to be the largest female-led Registered Investment Adviser serving clients through our proprietary allWEALTH® approach, empowering them to align their wealth with what matters most. A key pillar of that focus includes access to impact initiatives such as our Women’s Advisory Institute and Values-Based Investing (VBI).

Founded in 2011, the Beacon Pointe Women’s Advisory Institute (WAI) was formed with the intention of empowering female investors and taking a unique and holistic approach to serving the financial needs of women. Similarly, Beacon Pointe’s commitment to providing values-based investing offerings is aimed at allowing clients to align investment objectives with their unique values to make a positive impact on things like the environment and sustainability, as well as corporate governance considerations such as racial and gender diversity, and other factors.

Hosting k.Flint’s work is an embodiment of these two impact initiatives coming to life. We are thrilled to support a female artist and entrepreneur whose work demonstrates a clear and conscious desire to make our world a better place.

If you would like to learn more about Beacon Pointe’s allWEALTH® approach and the ways that our Impact Initiatives positively impact the community and our clients, we would love for you to get in touch.

Pictured: Kellie “k.Flint” Flint


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