Beacon Pointe Athletes Celebrate National Sports Day

At our company, National Sports Day and National Girls & Women in Sports Day are fun blasts from the past, considering we’re stacked with a bunch of former champs! While National Girls & Women in Sports Day lands in February and National Sports Day lands in October, we celebrate collegiate and professional athletes at Beacon Pointe all year long – our nationwide team is known for our friendly yet competitive ‘go-getter’ spirit!

As with National Sports Day comes the conversation surrounding Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) for college student-athletes. Student-athletes now have the opportunity to get an early start on generating a substantial amount of wealth and leveraging the power of compounding while playing a college sport and taking their classes. Questions that investors often ask a few years down the road now apply to these talented student-athletes: What do you do with your growing wealth? How do you use it to accomplish your goals? How do you protect yourself and your assets and put the best team in place around you to support your success?

This is where our Beacon Pointe team comes off the bench and can make an impact on the game. Drawing from our team’s extensive experience in collegiate and professional sports, we have firsthand knowledge and experience of the complexities surrounding a professional athlete and the opportunities NIL opens for long-term wealth building. Our team provides our student-athlete clientele with financial education and coaching, and the construction of a comprehensive financial plan, and can help advise on matters ranging from endorsement agreements to strategic partnerships and tax strategy, all while optimizing the financial benefits derived from NIL legislation.

We are dedicated to guiding and empowering student-athletes as they navigate the financial opportunities presented by their NIL rights. Through personalized consultations, workshops, and resources, we equip student-athletes with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about endorsement deals, brand partnerships, and other income streams arising from their NIL. Combining the aforementioned with our team’s firsthand experience as student-athletes, we provide a customized service experience for each athlete that is suited to meet their unique financial goals and needs. This holistic advisory approach ensures that students and professional athletes are not only successful on the field but also empowered off the field, laying the foundation for their long-term financial security and prosperity.

Why work with Beacon Pointe?

We are athletes helping athletes.

We understand just how big of a deal this time in your life is for you because we were athletes just like you.

Beacon Pointe athlete action shots

Former high-level athletes across a wide array of sports and NCAA Conferences, ranging from football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, golf, track and field, swimming, downhill skiing, and more, make up over 10% of our 450+ nationwide team of professionals (see our glory day action shots above!). We bring our competitive spirit to the realm of financial advising – if our clients win, we win.

Shannon Eusey
Hear from our CEO Shannon Eusey, former Division 1 women’s volleyball player at UC Irvine, about how our company culture is derived from a competitive, sports-minded mentality.


We’re a tight-knit team driving our clients’ goals and aspirations forward. Our game plan? It’s all about coordinating top-tier strategies and financial plans for our clients that are adaptable and

can withstand market volatility. As former athletes, we thrive at being adaptable and a changing market environment is not one that scares us. Like all the various sports we’ve played and the adversities we’ve navigated on and off the court, field, track, etc., we can navigate financial complexities for our clients – and thrive – in different situations and scenarios.

Our advisors guide our student and professional athlete clientele through financial planning, asset allocation, investment selection, endorsement deals, and tax strategy. Moreover, they will have access to a dedicated personal financial hub keeping all of their financial documents, important contacts and records, and reports organized and in one place.

Additionally, when we act in an advisory capacity for professional and student-athletes, that comes with a clear-cut fiduciary responsibility – we have a legal and moral commitment to prioritize our client’s best interests above our own.

For players by players, we are here to help student-athletes and professional athletes get a head start to their future and long-term financial success. Our allWEALTH® approach provides athletes access to institutional quality investments, estate and financial planning, and impact initiatives to align their wealth with what matters most to them. Our advisors walk through every step of the financial planning process to make sure that our clients feel comfortable and confident in the next steps and their financial future.

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