Beacon Pointe University presents...

Financial Planning and Investments 101
A Summer Educational Series

In an effort to support the young adults who have had the misfortune of many summer internship programs being cancelled throughout the nation due to COVID-19 social distancing mandates, we are opening up Beacon Pointe’s Summer Internship “Financial Planning & Investments 101” course to friends and family of the firm. Beacon Pointe’s educational course is for students and young professionals (ages 18 – 35) designed to help them understand financial goals, expenses, cash flow, saving and investing, along with the opportunity for career exploration within the Registered Investment Advisory industry and the role of an advisor. If you are over 35, we encourage you to invite your children and grandchildren and share this educational opportunity with your network of extended family and friends!

This 8-week virtual lecture series will be hosted via a secure Zoom event on Mondays from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST beginning June 8th. The Beacon Pointe course will be taught by a collective group of Beacon Pointe partners, wealth advisors, and research professionals at the firm.

If the young adults in your life are interested in participating in one, some or all of the weekly educational classes, please email for more information.

Financial Planning and Investments 101 Course Syllabus:

  • June 8th Class 1: Introduction to the RIA Industry, the Crash of 2008 and the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • June 15th Class 2: Learn The Lingo & Basic Economics/Finance, Valuation of a Company
  • June 22nd Class 3: Econ Basics, Cont’d: Stocks, Bonds, & Alternative Investments
  • June 29th Class 4: The Magic of Compounding
  • July 6th No Class: Enjoy a break in honor of USA’s Independence Day!
  • July 13th Class 5: The Role of the Money Manager
  • July 20th Class 6: Building a Portfolio: Investment Objectives & Asset Allocation
  • July 27th Class 7: Personal Finance 101: The Road to Success
  • August 3rd Class 8: Test Your Knowledge…Jeopardy!

More About the Purpose and Objectives of Beacon Pointe’s Next-Gen Educational Initiatives

Beacon Pointe Advisors (BPA) emphasizes the overall well-being of its clients; BPA understands the importance of balanced financial health and how it affects the everyday lives of clients and their families, or rather, the “friends and family” of the firm. Beacon Pointe has created Beacon Pointe University (BPU) with the goal to educate its clients, their families, and the extended community to become better stewards of their finances.  By capitalizing on the existing Beacon Pointe allWEALTH® approach, BPU aims to educate the local community on general financial, investment and economic topics, healthy financial decision-making, and the processes that are involved to leading a healthy financial life.

Beacon Pointe also hopes to educate younger generations on the complexities of the world of finance – how the investment banking, portfolio management, financial planning and investment consulting realms work together – and expose them to career opportunities within the wealth management and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) industry.  Today, wealth management and financial planning careers do not receive the same exposure on university campuses compared to those of investment banking and other finance related careers.  Beacon Pointe’s educational initiatives are designed to educate, empower and engage our summer class of students to see, first-hand, the value of services provided to our clients, the financial success and opportunities associated with a career in wealth management, and the enjoyment and fulfillment Beacon Pointe employees gain from having a career in this particular industry.


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