Beacon Pointe Celebrates International Women’s Day

On this day, we are lucky to honor our nationwide female workforce, which comprises over 42% of our nationwide team. At Beacon Pointe, we aim to be champions for female professionals in all industries, and we are committed to building an organization where women can thrive.

Our Women’s Advisory Institute (WAI) was founded in 2011 and aims to empower female investors of today and the young investors of tomorrow. We are committed to a unique and holistic approach to serving the financial needs of women. Through WAI, we have the unique ability, frame of reference, and specialized services to support women through major life transitions, including but not limited to the incapacitation or passing of a spouse, divorce, or engaging the next generation in family finances. Beacon Pointe is also committed to women in wealth management fields. 60% of our Corporate Leadership Team is female, and we have dozens of female-led wealth advisory teams located across the nation.

McKinsey & Company has found that by the year 2030, it is expected that women in the United States will control approximately $30 trillion of the nation’s wealth. This is a huge transfer of wealth that not only gives women tons of opportunity, but also some important decisions to make. Through our allWEALTH approach, we are excited to be able to work with women across the United States, helping them to feel comfortable in the decisions they are making and aligning their wealth with their values and life goals.

We also aim to teach women of all ages about the importance of financial basics and improving financial literacy among a younger generation.

Our book, “Your Dollars, Our Sense” is a fun and simple guide to money matters. It aims to provide readers with simple and relatable advice to help them navigate various aspects of financial planning and financial milestones throughout one’s life.

If you’d like to learn more about the basics of finance or have a young woman in your life who would love the gift of financial knowledge, the second edition of our book is now available on Amazon.

We are thrilled to celebrate this special day by honoring female professionals across the globe. We asked some of our female employees what it means to them to be a woman in finance, and here are their replies:

Scottsdale, Arizona International Women's Day“Given that less than 50% of those employed in financial services are women, it is empowering to be a woman in this industry. While my role leans more towards the creative side, it is inspiring to know that I make a difference, my voice is heard at Beacon Pointe, and I contribute to narrowing the gap for us women in the finance sector.” – Chloe Trimarche

Newport Beach, California International Women's Day“Being a person in finance means that I get to serve my clients in such a way that allows them to focus on what they love and delegate financial heavy lifting to me.  In serving as a woman in finance, I seek to build personal relationships with my clients and their families, beyond wealth.  These connections establish trust in the relationship as well as friendships, which make the job that I do very rewarding.” – Karen Reifel

Chicago, IllinoisInternational Women's Day“For over 3 decades, I have had the honor of helping our clients achieve an understanding, clarity and focus related to their investment portfolio and overall financial planning. Having my daughter, Tori, and other female financial advisors work alongside me in this endeavor is a lifelong dream. At Beacon Pointe, we strive to inspire women, both within our industry and as clients, to achieve financial independence and have the tools and strategies needed to do this.” – Heather O’Neill Fairbanks, CFP®, ChFC®

Sarasota, FloridaInternational Women's Day“As some of the pioneers in the RIA space, we are cultivating an environment that will help women of the future to climb the financial ranks.” – Barbara Milhoan

“By encouraging gender diversity, training and development opportunities, mentorship, and networking opportunities, Beacon Pointe has created a welcoming and supportive environment for women to advance in their careers. What this shows me is the future is bright and full of great opportunities to enter and advance in the finance industry.” – Christine Harman

Memphis, TennesseeInternational Women's Day“As a woman in finance, I strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients and ultimately help bring them closer to their business and personal goals.” – Ryan Harris

“As women in finance, we are uniquely positioned to empower other females financially…to me that’s exciting! We have the distinct pleasure of helping our female clients make meaningful strides towards their financial goals.” – Stephanie Flanagan

Dallas, TexasInternational Women's Day“Finance is an engaging and evolving field that allows me to have a part in making lasting, positive impacts on our clients’ lives. As a woman in finance, I’m excited to watch as the industry continues to be shaped by a more inclusive perspective.” – Michelle Holaren

“I am passionate about being a woman in finance because as an advisor I have the opportunity to provide a client experience that goes beyond the numbers. I’m able to educate, empower and build relationships with my clients so they can focus on what matters most to them.” – Leslie Reynoso

Palm Desert, CaliforniaInternational Women's Day“In a male dominated industry, it’s an honor to offer a different perspective and life experiences.” – Michele Sarna

Denver, ColoradoInternational Women's Day“Finance has historically been a male dominated industry. As women working in finance now, we feel a deep sense of empowerment! We hope to motivate and inspire more young women to join the business and provide continuous mentorship to those who are already here.” – Lexi Schmidt and Cheryl McDonald

Boston, MassachusettsInternational Women's Day“To me, being a woman in finance means guiding other women to achieve financial independence so they feel empowered to make their own financial decisions.” – Melisa Dobraca

Campbell, California

Wendy Kim“Being a woman in finance means that I have the opportunity to contribute my unique perspective and skills to a field that has traditionally been male dominated. It also means that I have a responsibility to pave the way for other women and promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.” – Wendy Kim

Larkspur, California

Summer Ramos“As a young woman in finance, I am driven and empowered by my role as an Advisor at Beacon Pointe. I see my role dismantling stereotypes and paving the way for a more female dominant future in finance. Surrounded by inspiring female mentors, I benefit from invaluable guidance, unfortunately still rare at many firms. It is a privilege to work with female clients who empower me through their own careers and achievements. I get to learn from their success and, in turn, advocate for financial literacy among women.” – Summer Ramos, CFP®

Milwaukee, WisconsinInternational Women's Day“Being a woman in finance means I have the opportunity to innovate and improve our warm client experience so each client feels as if they are our top client.” – Heather Schaber

New Orleans, LouisianaInternational Women's Day“Being a woman in finance becomes truly special to me when I can help other women have their minds free from worry about the what-ifs of their financial life. Women carry so much burden in today’s household, they shouldn’t be anxious about their finances, too. Instead, I want women to feel confident in that area of their life.” – Mollie Taylor, CFP®

“To me, being a woman in finance is genuinely empowering. I chose this career because it allowed me to combine my love of the industry and problem solving with helping others; I did not consider that I would be one of only a few women sitting at the table. I am fortunate to work with a company like Beacon Pointe that truly values women in this industry. It allows me to show my young daughters that they can also choose a career path based solely on their passion and be successful regardless of the gender gaps that still exist in many industries.” – Megan Cochran

“Although, I work on the administrative part of the financial world, it is rewarding to watch women help other women reach financial freedom, run businesses and become successful. We are all a part of opening the door for our daughters and granddaughters to feel comfortable choosing finance as a career. I am happy to be a part of that empowerment” – Ellen O’Reilly

Plano, TexasInternational Women's Day“To me being a woman in finance means educating women on their financial lives and empowering them in an area where they may have been ignored in the past. In a world full of unknowns, it’s comforting to know that there is someone in your corner helping you along the way and that’s exactly who we want to be.” – Kaitlyn Simmons

“The finance industry can be seemingly intimidating. There’s a lot of information and it’s unpredictable in so many ways. As a woman in the industry, I feel like I can lead my female (and male) clients in a way that’s not as overwhelming. I love the opportunity to provide transparency, education, and communication as best I can and be there as a “professional best friend” that no question is too insignificant. We are here to guide clients through transitions and phases of life, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. It’s so empowering to carry this role alongside being called a wife and ‘mama’!” – Haley Rodriques

Women helping women is a big part of who we are. Here are some great resources from our team for women in different career and life stages:

Beacon Pointe’s Women’s Advisory Institute (“WAI”)

In 2011, we formed our Women’s Advisory Institute with the mission to educate, empower and engage the women investors of today and the young investors of tomorrow. We believe it is of paramount importance to create a space where women of all ages, levels of financial knowledge, and unique life circumstances can express their thoughts and questions.

Through our allWEALTH® process, Beacon Pointe is committed to providing our clients and their families with peace of mind and the ability to meet their long-term life and legacy goals. Our firm also specializes in helping women through major life transitions including but not limited to the death of a spouse or loved one, a divorce, and next-generation planning. Whether a client needs comprehensive financial planning or investment strategy execution, or both, the Beacon Pointe advisory team has the resources and expertise to design a tailored approach.

We are dedicated and honored to be able to continue serving women investors, their families and be a beacon of light for women just starting their careers or re-entering the workforce in the financial services sector.


If you could benefit from a conversation with our advisory team, we would be happy to provide a complimentary consultation.  


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