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Embark on a journey to align your financial aspirations with tangible success through Beacon Pointe’s distinguished private wealth management services in San Jose, California.

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Your Center of Financial Empowerment

Forge a path towards financial freedom by establishing goals with Beacon Pointe Advisors. Collaborate with us to not only define but work towards achieving your aspirations. With Beacon Pointe, your journey is guided by meticulously crafted, custom-tailored strategies, ensuring that your private wealth becomes a powerful catalyst for the realization of your unique objectives.

How We Can Assist You

Our dedicated San Jose advisory team is eager to provide you with fiduciary-driven wealth management guidance.

Access to Institutional Quality Investments

Elevate your investment portfolio with Beacon Pointe as your partner, granting you access to premier institutional-level investments as a private wealth management client. Our commitment to a personalized strategy ensures that your financial journey is not just tailored but optimized for enduring success.

Fulfilling Life and Legacy Planning

Craft a life of fulfillment and plan your legacy with confidence, minimizing financial risks and gaining a newfound clarity. Beacon Pointe is your trusted guide in executing comprehensive life and legacy planning, ensuring you live life to the fullest while strategically securing and maximizing the benefits of your lasting legacy.

Impact Initiatives that Make a Difference

Experience Beacon Pointe’s holistic approach that aligns your wealth with initiatives close to your heart. We prioritize impact initiatives that matter to you, to craft a strategy that aligns with your passions and beliefs. With Beacon Pointe, your wealth can be aligned to the causes that resonate with your values.

Achieve Financial Security

Mitigate the risk of financial loss and optimize your financial well-being with our San Jose wealth management services. We are dedicated to guiding you towards a future that is not only more secure but also wealthier.

Private Wealth Management Services

At Beacon Pointe in San Jose, California, we work with individuals from all walks of life, committed to providing tailored financial solutions and wealth management services for each unique journey.

Multi-Generational Families

Safeguard the future of your family through comprehensive multi-generational wealth management and planning. With Beacon Pointe, proactively plan for the years ahead, securing your family’s financial well-being. Our strategies are designed to minimize the risk of financial loss, providing a foundation for lasting prosperity.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Navigate the complexities of business ownership with confidence by leveraging Beacon Pointe’s private wealth management expertise. Collaborate with us to mitigate financial risks associated with entrepreneurship. Our tailored plans not only protect your family but also ensure your business aligns seamlessly with your future objectives.

Individuals in Life Transitions

No matter the stage of life or the transitions you’re facing, our San Jose team is ready to guide you through managing your private wealth. Partner with us today to secure a more robust financial future, tailored to your unique circumstances. With Beacon Pointe, face life’s changes with financial confidence.

Invest Smarter, Better and Stronger

Equip yourself with the expertise to make intelligent investment decisions by joining forces with a Beacon Pointe wealth management advisor. Power your investment portfolio and financial plan backed by the due diligence and meticulous detail of one of the top Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms in the nation.

Empowering Financial Leadership for All

As the largest women-led RIA in the nation, Beacon Pointe champions the financial encouragement of women and next-generation investors, fostering stronger lives and brighter futures. While our approach has been transformative for countless women worldwide, it has also been instrumental in helping thousands of men, couples and families achieve their financial goals. Learn more about our Women’s Advisory Institute.

Discover Your San Jose Wealth Management Partner

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Gene Ka, CPWA®

Partner, Managing Director

Gene is a partner and the managing director of Beacon Pointe’s San Jose office. He  cares deeply about helping people and intentionally asks thought-provoking questions that allow him to truly listen to clients and their needs. A detailed strategist and a tireless implementer, Gene is a strong advocate for complete transparency when working with his clients. With over three decades experience in the financial industry, Gene has extensive knowledge of investments, financial planning, and asset management. Prior to joining Beacon Pointe, Gene was a Senior Financial Advisor with American Express before forming his own independent advisory firm Ka, Demmler & Associates, later renamed Wealth Design, LLC in 2000. Gene graduated from Purdue University and holds the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) certification. Gene currently resides in Silver Creek, California with his wife, one of his three daughters and his mother.


Beacon Pointe Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. Certain representatives of Beacon Pointe Advisors, LLC are also Registered Representatives offering securities through APW Capital, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. 100 Enterprise Drive, Suite 504, Rockaway, NJ 07866 (800)637-3211.

Melissa Ochoa

Relationship Manager

Melissa is a relationship manager at Beacon Pointe and is responsible for partnering advisors to provide customized solutions that help clients meet their financial goals and have a personalized service experience. Among her duties are investment strategy implementation, portfolio performance reporting, asset allocation modeling and client servicing. Melissa graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She currently resides in downtown San Jose with her boyfriend and Siberian Husky. Outside of the office, Melissa is an avid concert goer and loves to spend her weekends going on road trips to discover small towns, hiking spots, and swimming holes.

Thu Ka

Office Management

Thu is the office manager for the Beacon Pointe San Jose office. In addition to office management duties, Thu is responsible for administrative operations, client servicing and staff training and development. Prior to joining Beacon Pointe, Thu worked as the Chief Compliance Officer for Wealth Design LLC. In her free time, Thu enjoys traveling, playing golf, and spending time with her family.

William (Billy) Roddy

Associate Wealth Advisor

William (Billy) is an Associate Wealth Advisor and is responsible for partnering with advisors to help clients meet their financial goals and ensure a personalized wealth management experience. Among his duties are investment strategy implementation, portfolio performance reporting, and asset allocation modeling. Prior to joining Beacon Pointe, Billy was a supply chain and finance manager in the automotive and automation industry. Billy earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Mandarin Chinese from Duke University. Outside of the office, Billy enjoys golfing, traveling, and reading eclectically.

Experience Financial Tranquility with Beacon Pointe in San Jose

Ready to embark on a journey towards a more secure and prosperous future? Our Beacon Pointe private wealth management advisory team in San Jose looks forward to partnering with you. Start your transformative journey today.


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