Beacon Pointe Named’s M&A Leader of the Year

Beacon Pointe is proud to announce that Partner, President, Matthew Cooper,

has been named as an M&A Leader of the Year finalist by


This award acknowledges individuals who demonstrate impact on their firm such as financial gains, negotiation success, operational excellence in integrating merged/ acquired firms. The award also measures the number of deals completed, total assets under management (AUM) acquired, merged, and business value. This year a record number of nominations were submitted; 600 plus entries were received from almost 250 companies. Only 156 organizations were selected as finalists in one or more of the 67 different categories.

Matt Cooper is the founding partner and President of Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors, a member of the Beacon Pointe family of companies and a partnership between Beacon Pointe and other wealth managers around the country. In addition, Matt is responsible for overseeing the Private Client Services Group at Beacon Pointe Advisors and is a member of Beacon Pointe’s Investment Committee.